Peer review process

i. The author submits their manuscript to CARI journal through the email address

ii. The journal editor assesses the manuscript;

  • If the manuscript is adequate, it is accepted and sent to peer reviewers.
  • If it does not meet the requirements, it is rejected and the author is notified

iii. When the manuscript is sent to the peer reviewer’s it undergoes a double-blind review.

iv. The journal editor assesses the comments and sends them to the author to make revisions.

v. The author reverts the manuscript and the journal editor assesses the corrected manuscript to ensure they have been attended to adequately.

  • If yes, the manuscript is published.
  • Otherwise, the author is prompted to work on the corrections as expected.

Principal Contact

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East Africa Office/Diaspora Offic

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South Africa

CARI West African Chapter

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CARI North African Chapter

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Payment Options

Payment Options

CARI American Chapter

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CARI European Chapter

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CARI Asian Chapter

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CARI Australian Chapter

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