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International Journal of Health Sciences Vol 5 No 1 (2022) & Vol 4 No 1 (2021)

International journal of Health Sciences is a high profile journal approved for its information on
critical knowledge published by CARI. The journal focuses on creating a common pool of knowledge on mental, social and physical health issues in the society and the day-to-day environment in our lives. The journal delights in its affordable and swift publication. This journal is furthermore, a template for authors to make ready and publish their research articles


  • Assessment of the Jugular Foramen in the Posterior Cranial Fossa of Nigerian Adult Skulls
  • Lipid Peroxidation and Expression of Paraoxonase-1 (Pon-1) Gene in Patients with Preeclampsia
  • Health Workers’ Knowledge and Attitude towards Healthcare Waste (HCW) Management in the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia
  • Enormity and Patterns of Gender Based Violence at Kenya Medical Training College Campuses
  • Effects of Adiponectin on Glucose and Lipid Metabolism in Port Harcourt Residents
  • Evaluation of Stereotyped Movements Using High Technology Devices for Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: CARI journals and books publishers
Authors: Bob-Manuel Ibinabo Fubara, B. O. Arobasalu, Elekeh Rosemary Ichita, Cyrus Ashivira Bally, Adekemi Kiyesi, Louise Bogéa Ribeiro



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