Healthcare Challenges and Resilience


International Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing Practice Vol 2 No 2 (2020)

International Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing Practice is a peer reviewed journal published by CARI Journals USA LLC. The journal is a collection of papers from undergraduate and postgraduate students, research scholars and other academic writers in its realm of Open Access Publication. The journal provides an accessible platform for the dissemination of academic work in health, nutrition, physical exercise, sciences on health related issues, occupational health & safety measures, systems in pharmaceutical, technology & manufacturing of medicines, diagnostics, minor and major surgery, nursing practice, nursing skills and nursing ethical practices.


  • Exclusive Breastfeeding Duration to Six Months: A Literature Review of Factors and Barriers
    from 2010 to 2020
  • College Conversion into Quarantine Center: Students’ Perception on COVID-19 Mitigation
    Measures at Kenya Medical Training College Mombasa
  • Coronavirus and Pregnancy: A Literature Review of Maternal and Fetal Outcomes
  • Utilization of Pain Rating Scales in Peadiatric Care among Health Professionals in a Tertiary
    Children’s Hospital in Kenya
  • Response Behavior, Emotional and Psychosocial Adjustment of Adults to Covid-19 Pandemic
    Health Protocols in Western Region of Kenya
CategoryBook Chapters
Publisher:CARI journals and books publishers
Authors:Thafar S. Al-Safar, Winnie Barawa, Dr. Suha Majeed Mohammed Hussein, Godfrey Mbaabu Limungi, Joel Peter Ogutu


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