Insights into Food Safety and Nutrition


Journal of Food Sciences Vol 2 No 1 (2021)

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  • Phytochemical, Antinutrients, Food Toxicants Analysis and Comparative Efficacy of Methanol Extracts of Selected Vegetables of Adamawa State Nigeria on the Haematological Parameters of Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats
  • Role of Cooked Food Vending in Urban Areas
  • Role of Food Management Systems on Food Safety in Hotels
  • Socio-Economic Factors Affecting Food Security among the Elderly: A Critical Literature Review
  • Degradation of Aflatoxin in Maize Using Ferulic Acid (Phydroxy-3methyl Cinnamic Acid)
    Catalyzed by Hydrogen Peroxide
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: CARI journals and books publishers
Authors: Nwankwo Rita Ngozi, Joseph M. Mando, Alfred Mutua, Arianna Njeri, Nicholas M. Jacob
Pages: 125


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