Regulating Policies in Education


Journal of Education and Practice Vol 6 No 4 (2022)

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  • Gender Difference in Performance in Four Science Subjects in Borno State Colleges of Education
  • Application of Demonstration Strategy and Computer Aided Instruction on Students’Acquisition of Keyboarding Skills: A Review of Its Effects
  • Investigating the Influence of Social Support Factors on Retention of Boys in Public Secondary Schools in Marsabit County
  • Effective Teaching of Physical Education to Learners with Visual Disability: A Literature Review
  • Impact of Insecurity on Curriculum Implementation at Tertiary Institutions in Benue State
    Nigeria, West Africa
CategoryBook Chapters
Publisher:CARI journals and books publishers
Authors:Adam Mohammed, Lawrence Femi Ademiluyi, Ph.D, Safina Mohammed Aga, Rose A. Jakinda, Micheal Hangerior Saaondo


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