National Question: Attack on Liberty and Faith in Nigeria (2015 – 2023)


  • Dr. C. O. Okwelum Delta State University of Science and Technology Ozoro, Nigeria

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Purpose: The value of the citizens’ liberty in Nigeria and their freedom of worship became greatly assaulted during the twin-light of the Jonathan administration by insurgency of the Boko Haram genre in the north east leading to the administration’s defeat in the 2015 general election. But the attacks became accentuated and worse when the Buhari administration took over on the promise of using his military background to confront the crisis having done so previously during the Maitasene riot in 1983. But since 2015 countless lives have been lost in all fronts in the country with the administration and its security architecture being held responsible for colluding with the insurgents, bandits or terrorists.

Methodology: This paper which adopts the doctrinal method, surveyed, studied and examined the crisis of the breach of the constitutional and fundamental rights to personal liberty and freedom of worship during the Buhari administration and came to the conclusion that they degenerated to the lowest ebb, making the study necessary in order to highlight the failings of the administration and the exasperation of the citizens. The main sources of materials in this study are newspapers and other documentary reports.

Findings: It found that the life of an ordinary citizen no longer mattered and that his freedom of worship was so endangered (as exemplified in the bombing of the church in Owo by the terrorists) that the administration threw up its constitutional responsibility in abdication. Peaceful co-existence and the place of religion in the stability of the nation were called into question and the worthlessness of the liberty of the Nigerian citizen raised the issue of the National Question in an era of wanton extra-judicial killings.

Unique contributions to theory, practice and policy: The study recommends enhanced religious tolerance and bringing criminals to justice.


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