About the Journal

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Project Management is a scholarly journal published by CARI Journals with ISSN: 2520-9116 (Online). The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to share and disseminate their knowledge and experience in the fields of entrepreneurship and project management. The journal covers topics such as entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, opportunity recognition, venture creation, project planning, execution, control, and evaluation. The journal is peer reviewed by experts in the relevant fields and ensures the quality and originality of the published articles. The journal is global and open access, which means that anyone can access, read, and cite the articles without any fees or restrictions. Open access also increases the visibility and impact of the authors' work. The authors retain the copyrights of their articles and can use them for any purpose as long as they acknowledge the source. The journal is indexed in several databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar, DOAJ, and EBSCOhost, which enhance the discoverability and citation of the articles. The journal publishes articles on a monthly basis and provides certificates for publication to the authors. Upon publication, the authors will receive a link to their article online and a pdf copy of the article via email. The authors can also request a hardcopy print of the issue that contains their article for a nominal fee. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Project Management is an ideal choice for authors who want to publish their research in a reputable, timely, and accessible journal.