About the Journal

Journal of Marketing Studies is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original and high-quality research papers in the field of marketing. The aim of the journal is to provide a platform for scholars, practitioners, and policy makers to share their insights and perspectives on various aspects of marketing theory and practice. The scope of the journal covers topics such as consumer behavior, marketing strategy, branding, advertising, digital marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, international marketing, and more. The journal is hosted by CARI Journals under ISSN: 2791-3252 (Online). By publishing with CARI Journals, authors benefit from the high visibility and promotion of their articles in the open access journal database. Authors also retain the copyrights of their articles and can freely distribute and reuse them for non-commercial purposes. The journal is indexed in several databases such as Google Scholar, EBSCO host, Crossref, Academia, Research Gate and many more. This ensures that the journal has a wide reach and impact in the academic community and beyond. The journal publishes articles on a monthly basis and provides certificates for publication to the authors. Upon publication, the authors will also receive a link to their publication and a pdf copy of the publication. Authors who wish to have a hardcopy print of the issue in which their paper appears can make orders and pay for them on demand. Publishing in Journal of Marketing Studies is a great opportunity for researchers and practitioners who want to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and practice in the field of marketing. The journal offers a rigorous peer-review process, fast publication, high visibility, and global recognition.