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Human Resource and Leadership Journal is an internationally peer reviewed journal published by CARI. The journal is Published both online and printed version it has classical branches of human resource which are recruitment, selection and industrial relations. Also often remuneration and payroll, corporate social, investments and employee health and welfare component of leadership. The journal is of high factor and has vital insight information for scholar, human resource managers and auctioneers.
The journal prides itself in cheap and fast publication and is indexed in google scholar among other journal indexes. The journal promotes open access journal publishing. As far as research peer review is concerned, the journal applies double blind peer review process. This leads to high impact peer review and refereed research publications. This journal is considered to be one of the top academic journal publishers in the field of human resource and leadership. Due to the timely publication process, authors get academic research article peer review comments within 14 days. The journals welcomes research papers from all jurisdictions across the world.

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Vol. 7 No. 3 (2022)
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