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Journal of Education and Practice Vol 7 No 6 (2023)

Journal of Education and Practice is a high profile peer reviewed journal approved for its information on critical knowledge published by CARI. The journal is concerned with an individual’s psychological, economic, moral, emotional, physical, religious, personal, spiritual and professional development in education. The journal delights in its affordable and swift publication and it’s featured in the Google scholar, amidst other journal indices.


  • School Administrators’ Possession of Digital Skills and Digital Literacy Content for Implementation of Digital Literacy Program in Public Primary Schools in Kitui County-Kenya
  • School Administrators’ Support for Teachers’ Training and Maintenance of Digital Literacy Devices, in the Implementation of Digital Literacy Programme in Public Primary Schools in Kitui County-Kenya
  • Effectiveness of E-Learning on Students’ Learning Process at Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  • Delivering Effective Medical Education in the Midst of a Pandemic-A Reflective Narrative
  • Decolonizing Kenyan Curriculum and Self-Reliance
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: CARI journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-746-04-4
Authors: Esther Wambua, Olivia Susan Ochoo, Ganesh Ramachandran and Dr. James Mwenda Murungi
Pages: 137


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