International Journal of Poverty, Investment and Development


ISSN: 2958-2458 (Online)

DOI: 10.47941/ijpid.

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Impact Factor: 3.1


The International Journal of Poverty, Investment, and Development is a prominent academic platform for researchers seeking to publish their work in the areas of poverty alleviation, investment strategies, and economic development. For those wondering where to publish academic research in these fields, this journal provides an excellent avenue. It offers clear guidelines for research paper publication, ensuring that authors meet the rigorous standards of scientific academic publishing.

This journal is committed to open-access publishing, making it easily accessible to a global audience. Authors looking for low-cost journals with a high impact factor will find this journal particularly appealing. With a focus on rapid publication, it ranks among the top 10 international and peer-reviewed journals for publishing research on pressing issues such as gender violence and addressing critical concerns promptly. When it comes to finding reputable open-access journals with low or no article processing charges, the International Journal of Poverty, Investment, and Development is a reliable choice. Its efficient submission-to-publication time ensures timely dissemination of research findings, making it an attractive option for authors.

Avoiding predatory journals is a priority for authors, and this journal’s well-established reputation and transparent peer review system provide peace of mind in this regard. Additionally, it offers valuable tips for choosing the right journal for your paper and provides access to journal finder tools and databases to aid authors in identifying the best journals for their research. To further support authors, this journal maintains a high acceptance rate and offers waivers or discounts, promoting inclusivity and affordability in academic publishing. It regularly issues calls for papers in journal publishing, fostering diversity and inclusion within the field.

The International Journal of Poverty, Investment, and Development aligns with the FAIR principles, ensuring that research data and publications are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. It is also recognized as one of the top 10 journals that adhere to the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines, emphasizing ethical publishing practices. In addition to rapid publication, this journal provides feedback and mentoring for authors, creating a supportive environment for researchers to thrive. Its strong social media presence and outreach efforts ensure that research findings reach a wide and diverse audience.

For those looking for low-cost publication journals or quick publication journals in the fields of poverty, investment, and development, this journal stands as a preferred choice. Its open-access, peer-reviewed format and low APC of USD 95 make it a desirable outlet for scholars seeking to publish their work. Furthermore, for authors wondering how to publish a journal article derived from an MBA thesis or PhD dissertation, the International Journal of Poverty, Investment, and Development offers a platform for such publications. It serves as a valuable resource for those searching for where to submit a thesis for research publication, extending the reach of advanced research beyond the academic realm. In conclusion, the International Journal of Poverty, Investment, and Development is a leading international research journal with a strong commitment to promoting high-impact factor research in the fields of poverty, investment, and development. It caters to early-career researchers and those looking for journals that prioritize transparency, inclusivity, and ethical publishing practices.


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