According to recent data, the International Journal of Humanity and Social Sciences has published over 3,000 scholarly articles, with contributors from more than 70 countries, making it a truly international platform for academic exchange. Did you know that the International Journal of Humanity and Social Sciences, hosted by CARI Journals, provides a platform for scholars to disseminate their research to a global audience? In a world brimming with information, it’s crucial to find reputable outlets for academic work. So, how can this journal help you contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of knowledge?

The International Journal of Humanity and Social Sciences has a clear and noble aim – to foster the dissemination of innovative research and profound insights in the fields of humanities and social sciences. The journal is committed to providing scholars with an inclusive platform to share their expertise, experiences, and findings with the global academic community. The scope of the journal is wide-ranging, encompassing areas such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, education, philosophy, linguistics, literature, history, economics, and political science, among others. Whether you’re delving into the intricacies of cultural phenomena, exploring the depths of human behavior, or deciphering the nuances of societal dynamics, this journal provides a welcoming home for your research.

Why Choose to Publish Here?

CARI journals extends a warm invitation to scholars, researchers, and academics across the globe. Your work is invaluable, and this journal is the gateway to sharing it with the world. Your insights, your discoveries, and your dedication to advancing humanity and the social sciences are the driving force behind this journal’s success. It’s time to take that step. Submit your papers to the International Journal of Humanity and Social Sciences, and be part of a thriving global community that is shaping the future of knowledge. Your contributions matter, and this journal is here to amplify your impact. Join us in this exciting journey of discovery, understanding, and transformation.

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