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DOI: 10.47941/ijce.

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The International Journal of Computing and Engineering (IJCE) is a prestigious platform for scholars and researchers seeking answers to their questions about where to publish academic research and how to navigate the intricate landscape of academic publication. With a commitment to providing guidance on how to publish in an international research journal and how to publish in open-access journals, IJCE strives to empower academics worldwide. This journal is dedicated to helping you find the right path to publication while ensuring the highest quality and integrity in the research dissemination process. One of the foremost concerns for academics is where to submit a thesis for research publication. IJCE recognizes this dilemma and offers comprehensive guidelines for research paper publication, ensuring that your valuable research work reaches its intended audience. We understand that publishing in reputable journals is a priority for researchers, and our mission is to assist you in this endeavor.

To aid you in your journey to scientific academic publishing, IJCE focuses on journal paper publication in high-impact factor journals. We understand the significance of reaching a wide audience and aim to facilitate this through our platform. Moreover, we emphasize low-cost journals with high impact factors, recognizing the financial challenges that researchers may face. IJCE also acknowledges the importance of timely publication in addressing critical issues such as gender violence. Our rapid publication journals in gender violence provide a platform for swift dissemination of research findings to make a difference in society. In addition, we maintain a list of indexed journals with a fast review process, ensuring that your work receives the attention it deserves. For early career researchers, IJCE offers insights into the best journals for their academic growth. We provide guidance on how to find reputable open-access journals and journals with low or no article processing charges, enabling researchers to publish without undue financial burden. Our commitment to efficiency is further reflected in journals with short submission to publication times, facilitating quicker knowledge dissemination.

In the pursuit of academic excellence, it’s crucial to avoid predatory journals. IJCE offers tips for choosing the right journal for your paper and highlights journal finder tools and databases to aid your decision-making process. We prioritize journals with a high acceptance rate and those that offer waivers or discounts for authors, making academic publishing more accessible. IJCE actively participates in the call for papers in journal publishing, ensuring that researchers are aware of opportunities to contribute to relevant topics. We adhere to the FAIR principles and promote transparency by following the COPE guidelines, providing a trustworthy and reliable publication experience. At IJCE, we believe in nurturing talent and supporting authors. We offer feedback and mentoring to authors to enhance the quality of their research and publications. We also place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion in publishing, welcoming contributions from all backgrounds and perspectives.

In the digital age, social media presence is vital for research dissemination. IJCE maintains a strong social media presence and outreach, ensuring that your work reaches a broader audience and has a lasting impact. To cater to various needs, IJCE offers low-cost publication journals and quick publication journals. We prioritize open-access peer-reviewed journals and reputable journals with low APC of USD 95. Our fast-track publication journals provide a platform for accelerated dissemination of groundbreaking research. Navigating the publication process can be daunting, but IJCE is here to guide you on how to publish a journal article and how to identify the best journals to publish in. We also highlight the top 10 journals with high impact factors, enabling you to make informed decisions about where to publish your research. Whether you’re looking to publish your MBA thesis or seeking guidance on academic publishing, the International Journal of Computing and Engineering is your trusted partner in the world of research dissemination. Join us in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in academic publishing.


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