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ISSN: 3005-5393 (Online)

DOI: 10.47941/ijars

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The International Journal of Arts, Recreation and Sports is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes original research, reviews, and perspectives on the intersections of arts, recreation, and sports. The journal aims to foster a dialogue among scholars, practitioners, and policymakers from different disciplines and regions, and to advance the knowledge and practice of arts, recreation, and sports in various contexts and settings. The journal welcomes submissions from authors who wish to publish their academic research in an international journal that is indexed in major databases and has a fast review process. The journal is an open-access journal that does not charge any article processing fees or submission fees. The journal also offers waivers or discounts for authors from low- and middle-income countries, as well as for early career researchers and students.

The journal follows the FAIR principles of making the published articles findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. The journal also adheres to the COPE guidelines of ethical publishing and conducts a transparent peer review system that provides feedback and mentoring for authors. The journal promotes diversity and inclusion in publishing by encouraging submissions from underrepresented groups and regions, as well as by addressing issues of gender violence, social justice, and human rights in arts, recreation, and sports. The journal has a high acceptance rate and a short submission to publication time. The journal also has a strong social media presence and outreach that helps to disseminate the published articles to a wider audience and to increase their impact. The journal publishes four issues per year and accepts submissions on a rolling basis. The journal also issues regular call for papers on special topics and themes related to arts, recreation, and sports.

The journal has a rigorous editorial process that ensures the quality and relevance of the published articles. The journal accepts submissions in various formats, such as research articles, review articles, case studies, book reviews, commentaries, editorials, letters to the editor, etc. The journal has a set of guidelines for paper publication that specifies the format, style, length, references, tables, figures, etc. of the submissions. The authors are advised to follow the guidelines carefully and to use the journal finder tools and databases to identify the best journals to publish in. The International Journal of Arts, Recreation and Sports is one of the top 10 international journals for publishing in the fields of arts, recreation, and sports. The journal is also one of the top 10 peer-reviewed journals for publishing in these fields. The journal has a high impact factor and is recognized as a reputable journal with low APC of USD 95. The journal is also one of the best journals for early career researchers who want to publish their thesis or dissertation for research publication.

The International Journal of Arts, Recreation and Sports is a unique journal that offers a platform for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exchange of ideas and experiences in arts, recreation, and sports. The journal invites authors to submit their papers and to join the growing community of scholars and practitioners who share a common interest in these fields. The journal also invites readers to explore the diverse and rich content of the published articles and to engage with the authors and editors through feedback and comments.


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