Journal of Advanced Sociology


ISSN: 2791-2507 (Online)

DOI: 10.47941/jas.

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Impact Factor: 3.1



The Journal of Advanced Sociology is a highly esteemed publication within the field of sociology, offering a valuable platform for scholars and researchers seeking to disseminate their academic work. If you’re wondering where to publish your academic research in sociology, this journal is undoubtedly one of the top choices. With its commitment to promoting high-quality research, it has gained recognition as one of the best international research journals for those in the field. For those looking to publish their work in open-access journals, the Journal of Advanced Sociology is a prime example. Open access ensures that your research reaches a wider audience, making it an excellent choice for scholars seeking to maximize the visibility of their work. Furthermore, if you are considering where to submit your thesis for research publication, this journal is an excellent option. It provides a reputable avenue for the dissemination of in-depth research, making it a desirable choice for both postgraduate students and established researchers.

If you’re in the process of preparing your research paper for publication, you’ll find valuable guidelines for research paper publication in the Journal of Advanced Sociology. These guidelines are designed to help authors present their work in a format that aligns with the highest standards of academic publishing. Additionally, the journal consistently ranks among the top 10 international journals for publishing sociology-related research and is well-regarded for its rigorous peer-review process. For those looking to publish their papers in journals with a high impact factor, the Journal of Advanced Sociology is a strong contender. It has earned a reputation as one of the low-cost journals with a high impact factor, ensuring that your research receives the attention it deserves without breaking the bank. This journal is particularly known for its rapid publication process, which is advantageous for scholars focusing on timely topics, such as gender violence. It’s also included in the list of indexed journals with a fast review process, making it an attractive option for researchers seeking a swift publication timeline.

Early career researchers often struggle to identify the best journals for their work, but the Journal of Advanced Sociology is an excellent starting point. It ranks among the best journals for early career researchers and offers a platform for them to showcase their expertise. Furthermore, if you’re searching for reputable open-access journals, this journal stands out as a trustworthy option that doesn’t burden authors with exorbitant article processing charges. To avoid falling prey to predatory journals, authors are encouraged to be cautious in their selection process. The Journal of Advanced Sociology is a reliable choice, known for its adherence to ethical publishing practices. It follows the COPE guidelines, ensuring a transparent peer-review system and providing constructive feedback and mentoring to authors, fostering a supportive environment for publication.

Diversity and inclusion in publishing are essential considerations, and the Journal of Advanced Sociology is committed to these principles. It promotes diversity and inclusion in publishing, ensuring that a wide range of perspectives and voices are represented in its pages. Additionally, the journal maintains a strong social media presence and outreach, further enhancing the visibility of published research. In summary, if you are looking for low-cost publication journals, quick publication journals, open-access peer-reviewed journals, or reputable journals with low article processing charges (APC) of USD 95, the Journal of Advanced Sociology ticks all the boxes. Its commitment to rapid publication, ethical practices, and inclusivity make it an excellent choice for scholars seeking a platform to share their sociological research. Whether you’re an early career researcher or an established academic, this journal offers an opportunity to showcase your work to a global audience.


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