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ISSN: 2520-0402 (online)

DOI: 10.47941/jbsm.

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The Journal of Business and Strategic Management is a prestigious academic publication that serves as an excellent choice for researchers wondering where to publish academic research in the fields of business and strategic management. For those seeking insights on how to publish in an international research journal, this journal offers a prime platform for global dissemination. This journal is committed to open-access publishing, making it accessible to a broad readership without barriers. As one of the top 10 international journals for publishing research in business and strategic management, it adheres to comprehensive guidelines for research paper publication, ensuring that authors meet the highest standards of scientific academic publishing.

Early-career researchers looking to publish journal papers in reputable journals will find the Journal of Business and Strategic Management to be an ideal outlet. It is recognized for its contributions to the field, with a focus on high-impact factor journals that enhance the visibility of research. In addition to promoting scientific academic publishing, the journal specializes in journal paper publication in high-impact factor journals, providing a platform for groundbreaking research to gain the attention it deserves. It is also known for being among the low-cost journals with high impact factors, aligning with the budget constraints often faced by researchers. Addressing pressing social issues, the journal offers rapid publication opportunities, including a focus on research related to gender violence. This ensures that important findings reach the public and policymakers in a timely manner.

For those seeking a list of indexed journals with a fast review process, this journal is a standout choice, guaranteeing swift dissemination of research. It caters to the needs of early-career researchers by being recognized as one of the best journals for their academic growth. Finding reputable open-access journals can be challenging, but the Journal of Business and Strategic Management stands as a beacon in this regard. It provides clear guidelines and insights on how to find reputable open-access journals, facilitating ethical and transparent publishing practices.

Authors concerned about costs will appreciate that this journal is among the journals with low or no article processing charges. Its commitment to affordability extends to a short submission-to-publication time, ensuring that research findings are disseminated rapidly. In the era of predatory journals, the Journal of Business and Strategic Management offers a trusted platform for authors to avoid unethical publishing practices. Its transparent peer review system guarantees that the publication process maintains integrity and accountability. Selecting the right journal for your paper can be challenging, but this journal offers valuable tips for choosing the right journal for your paper. It provides access to journal finder tools and databases, simplifying the process of identifying the best journals to publish in.

Furthermore, the Journal of Business and Strategic Management is committed to supporting authors by offering waivers or discounts, reducing financial barriers to publication. It actively promotes diversity and inclusion in publishing, striving to create an equitable and representative scholarly community. With a strong social media presence and outreach efforts, this journal ensures that research findings reach a wide audience, contributing to their impact and significance. It exemplifies a modern approach to dissemination, leveraging technology for broader reach. In summary, the Journal of Business and Strategic Management is a top-tier open-access peer-reviewed journal that not only provides a reputable platform for scholars but also emphasizes affordability, ethical publishing practices, and inclusivity. It is among the low-cost publication journals, catering to early career researchers and established academics alike.

For those wondering how to publish a journal article derived from an MBA thesis or PhD dissertation, the Journal of Business and Strategic Management provides an invaluable avenue. It serves as one of the where to publish my MBA thesis and where to publish my PhD dissertation options, ensuring that advanced research can be disseminated effectively beyond the academic realm. In conclusion, this journal embodies the ideal characteristics that authors seek when determining where to publish their research. It not only meets stringent journal selection criteria but also ranks among the top 10 journals with high impact factors, making it a standout choice for scholars in the fields of business and strategic management.

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