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ISSN: 2958-4787 (online)

DOI: 10.47941/jmh.

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  • Google Scholar, EBSCOhost, Scilit, Crossref (10.47941/jmh.)

Impact Factor: 3.3


The Journal of Modern Hospitality is a highly regarded academic research journal that provides valuable insights and guidance on how to publish in international research journals. It offers comprehensive information on where to publish academic research, making it an essential resource for researchers and scholars looking to disseminate their work effectively. This journal is particularly focused on the process of publishing in open-access journals, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and transparency in scientific academic publishing. It provides guidelines for research paper publication, ensuring that authors are well-prepared to navigate the publication process successfully.

For those seeking top-tier outlets to publish their work, the Journal of Modern Hospitality features a list of the top 10 international journals for publishing. Additionally, it offers recommendations for the top 10 peer-reviewed journals for publishing, ensuring that researchers can choose reputable and respected venues for their contributions. Authors looking for low-cost journals with high impact factors will find the Journal of Modern Hospitality to be an invaluable resource. It highlights journals that offer rapid publication in various fields, including gender violence studies. The journal also provides a list of indexed journals with a fast review process, catering to researchers who need quick turnaround times. Early career researchers can benefit from the Journal of Modern Hospitality’s insights into the best journals for their needs. It assists in finding reputable open-access journals with low or no article processing charges, making publishing more accessible to those with limited resources.

Avoiding predatory journals is crucial in the academic publishing world, and the journal offers tips for choosing the right journal for your paper. It suggests using journal finder tools and databases to identify suitable outlets, ensuring that authors make informed decisions. Authors looking for journals with a high acceptance rate or those that offer waivers or discounts for authors will appreciate the Journal of Modern Hospitality’s coverage of such opportunities. It also keeps researchers informed about call for papers in journal publishing, helping them stay updated on relevant submission opportunities. The journal places a strong emphasis on ethical publishing practices and promotes journals that follow the FAIR principles and adhere to the COPE guidelines. It supports transparent peer review systems and journals that provide feedback and mentoring for authors, fostering a supportive environment for scholarly publishing.

Diversity and inclusion are also paramount, and the journal highlights outlets that actively promote these values in publishing. Furthermore, it showcases journals that have a strong social media presence and outreach, ensuring that research reaches a broader audience. In addition to its rich content, the Journal of Modern Hospitality is known for its coverage of low-cost publication journals and quick publication journals. It champions open-access peer-reviewed journals and reputable journals with low APC of USD 95, making it an excellent resource for cost-conscious authors. Whether you are an early career researcher, a seasoned academic, or a graduate student wondering where to publish your MBA thesis or PhD dissertation, the Journal of Modern Hospitality offers valuable insights and recommendations for publication outlets. It provides a comprehensive guide on how to publish a journal article and assists authors in identifying the best journals to publish in based on their research field and goals. Finally, it also offers information on journals with high impact factors, ensuring that authors can maximize the visibility and impact of their work.


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