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DOI: 10.47941/jmlp.

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Impact Factor: 3.3


The Journal of Modern Law and Policy is a distinguished platform for scholars and researchers seeking guidance on where to publish academic research in the field of law and policy. This internationally recognized journal offers invaluable insights into how to publish in an international research journal and emphasizes the significance of publishing in open-access journals to enhance the visibility and accessibility of research findings. For those looking to submit a thesis for research publication, the Journal of Modern Law and Policy provides comprehensive guidelines for research paper publication, ensuring that the publication process is streamlined and efficient. This journal is consistently ranked among the top 10 international journals for publishing, and it is known for its rigorous peer-review process that ensures the quality and credibility of published articles.

The Journal of Modern Law and Policy plays a pivotal role in the realm of scientific academic publishing, particularly for scholars aiming to publish their journal papers in high-impact factor journals. It is worth noting that this journal is one of the low-cost journals with a high impact factor, making it an attractive choice for researchers seeking cost-effective publication options. Additionally, the journal offers rapid publication opportunities in specific domains such as gender violence. It is included in the list of indexed journals with a fast review process, making it an ideal outlet for scholars who require quick dissemination of their research findings.

For early career researchers, the Journal of Modern Law and Policy is among the best journals to consider. It provides valuable information on how to find reputable open-access journals and highlights journals with low or no article processing charges. Moreover, it assists researchers in identifying journals with short submission to publication times, ensuring that their work is published promptly. The journal also offers insights on how to avoid predatory journals, which is essential in maintaining the integrity and credibility of research. It provides tips for choosing the right journal for your paper and recommends journal finder tools and databases to simplify the journal selection process. Furthermore, the Journal of Modern Law and Policy takes pride in adhering to the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines, ensuring ethical publishing practices. It has a transparent peer review system and offers feedback and mentoring for authors, fostering a supportive environment for scholars to refine their work. Diversity and inclusion in publishing are paramount for this journal, as it actively promotes these principles. It has a strong social media presence and outreach, ensuring that research reaches a wider audience and contributes to meaningful societal discourse.

In summary, the Journal of Modern Law and Policy is a prime example of low-cost publication journals, quick publication journals, and open-access peer-reviewed journals. It is a reputable journal with a low APC of USD 95, making it financially accessible for authors. It is also recognized for its fast-track publication options, making it an excellent choice for scholars looking to publish their work efficiently. Whether you are seeking guidance on how to publish a journal article or identifying the best journals to publish in, this journal is a valuable resource in the world of academic publishing. Additionally, for those wondering where to publish their MBA thesis or PhD dissertation, the Journal of Modern Law and Policy is a notable outlet that welcomes scholarly contributions in these areas.


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