Plants in South Sudan (A Visual Dictionary)


In South Sudan, a diverse array of plants flourishes across its varied landscapes, shaping the lives of its inhabitants. Majestic trees and shrubs like African mahogany, Shea tree, African teak, and Afzelia africana thrive in the country’s forests. Similarly, staple cereals such as maize, sorghum, and millet sustain the local population. Vibrant flowers bring splashes of color, while vegetables like okra, pumpkin, spinach, and leafy greens provide essential nutrition. Tubers like sweet potatoes, yams, and cassava offer additional food sources. Grasses, water plants like water hyacinth, and reeds are found in wetlands. This rich plant diversity contributes to biodiversity and ecological balance while supporting cultural practices, economic activities, and the overall well-being of South Sudan’s communities.

Publisher:CARI journals and books publishers
Authors:Arop Deng Kuol Arop



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