Unveiling the Livestock Landscape in Kenya


Journal of Livestock Policy Vol 1 No 2 (2022) & Vol 1 No 1 (2022)

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  • Factors Affecting Small-Scale Livestock Farming in Kenya
  • Feed Intake and Growth Rate of West African Dwarf Goats Fed Different Proportions of Rumen Waste, Poultry Waste and Cassava Peel Waste
  • Impacts of Climate Change Variability on Livestock Health in Arid and Semi Arid Land in Kenya a Critical Literature Review
  • The Role of Women in Livestock Decision Making in Agro-Pastoral Systems in Kenya: A Critical Literature Review
  • Factors Affecting Dairy Production among Dairy Cooperative Societies in Kenya
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: CARI journals and books publishers
Authors: Armion Kelio, Dr. Inweh. D. A., Dr. Japheth Jones, Dr. Hassan A. M., Dr. Jefferson M. K.
Pages: 86


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