International Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing Practice

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ISSN: 2710-1150 (Online)

DOI: 10.47941/ijhmnp.

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Impact Factor: 3.4


The International Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing Practice (IJHMNP) is a prestigious academic publication that serves as an invaluable resource for scholars in the fields of health, medicine, and nursing. This journal provides a platform for researchers to share their findings, disseminate knowledge, and contribute to the global scientific community. In this comprehensive overview, we will explore IJHMNP’s significance, submission guidelines, impact factors, accessibility, and various other aspects relevant to authors and researchers. For academics seeking the ideal venue to disseminate their research, IJHMNP stands out as an excellent choice. It has earned its reputation as a respected platform for the publication of high-quality academic work. IJHMNP offers a straightforward and well-defined process for authors looking to publish their research in an international journal. This ensures that the publication journey is clear and accessible for scholars from all backgrounds.

As an open-access journal, IJHMNP is committed to making research freely accessible to a global audience. This open-access approach fosters inclusivity, allowing researchers worldwide to benefit from the knowledge shared within its pages. Researchers can consider IJHMNP as an excellent platform for transforming their theses into peer-reviewed research papers. The journal offers a seamless path for converting comprehensive research into impactful publications. IJHMNP upholds stringent publication guidelines to ensure the highest quality standards. These guidelines assist authors in preparing their manuscripts for review and eventual publication, facilitating a smooth and efficient process. IJHMNP consistently ranks among the top international journals in the fields of health, medicine, and nursing. It enjoys recognition as a premier outlet for academic research, making it an attractive choice for authors.

IJHMNP’s rigorous peer-review process ensures that only research of the highest caliber is published. This commitment to quality places the journal among the top peer-reviewed publications globally. IJHMNP’s reputation for reliability and academic excellence makes it an ideal choice for researchers looking to publish their journal papers in reputable venues. The journal’s commitment to quality is reflected in its rigorous peer-review process. IJHMNP embodies the essence of scientific academic publishing, offering a scholarly environment where rigorous research is celebrated and shared with the global research community. Authors aiming to publish in high-impact factor journals will find IJHMNP to be an excellent avenue for achieving this goal. The journal’s commitment to quality and relevance contributes to its impact factor.

IJHMNP prides itself on being a low-cost journal that provides authors with an opportunity to publish their work in a journal with a high impact factor. This affordability ensures accessibility to researchers from various backgrounds. Researchers addressing gender violence-related topics will appreciate IJHMNP’s commitment to rapid publication. The journal recognizes the urgency of disseminating research on this critical issue. The journal is indexed in various platforms, such as Google Scholar, Research Gate, EBSCOhost, Scilit and Crossref (DOI). IJHMNP is among the indexed journals known for its swift review process. Authors benefit from a timely and efficient review, ensuring that their research reaches the academic community promptly. Early career researchers can kick start their academic journey by considering IJHMNP. The journal offers a supportive environment for emerging scholars to gain recognition and experience in the publishing world. IJHMNP serves as a prime example of a reputable open-access journal. Researchers seeking similar publications can explore the journal’s well-established model for guidance.

IJHMNP is mindful of the financial challenges faced by researchers. It offers competitive article processing charges (APCs) of USD 95 and even provides options with no APCs in some cases, ensuring accessibility for authors.  IJHMNP recognizes the financial constraints faced by researchers and offers waivers or discounts in some cases, fostering an inclusive environment for authors. IJHMNP remains committed to affordability, making it accessible to researchers with limited budgets. IJHMNP takes pride in its efficient submission-to-publication timeline. Researchers can expect their work to be disseminated quickly, minimizing waiting periods. IJHMNP’s reputation as a reputable journal underscores the importance of avoiding predatory journals. Authors are encouraged to make informed decisions about where to publish, relying on the journal’s established credibility.

Selecting the right journal is a crucial step in the publishing process. IJHMNP offers guidance and resources to help authors make informed decisions regarding the suitability of their research for publication. Authors can leverage IJHMNP’s network and resources to discover additional journal finder tools and databases that assist in locating the most suitable outlets for their research. IJHMNP maintains a competitive acceptance rate, ensuring that valuable research is given the opportunity to be shared with the academic community. IJHMNP periodically issues calls for papers, inviting researchers to contribute their work on specific topics, thus encouraging academic engagement and collaboration. IJHMNP adheres to the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles, ensuring that research data and findings are disseminated in a manner that promotes accessibility and usability. As a responsible member of the academic publishing community, IJHMNP is committed to upholding the guidelines set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). It strives to maintain the highest ethical standards in publishing.

IJHMNP maintains transparency in its peer-review process, providing authors with clear insights into the evaluation and decision-making stages. IJHMNP offers authors constructive feedback and mentoring, supporting their academic growth and development throughout the publishing process. IJHMNP embraces diversity and inclusivity, actively seeking to publish research that represents a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. IJHMNP leverages its social media presence to extend the reach of published research, ensuring that scholarly work reaches a broader audience. IJHMNP offers a swift publication process, minimizing delays and ensuring that research is disseminated promptly. As an open-access journal, IJHMNP combines the benefits of peer review with unrestricted access to research findings.

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  1. Simon

    Its been great experience doing publication

  2. Annie Kachepa Phiri

    CARI journal is very good because it give prompt responses.
    It is simply Excellent.

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