Publishing a research paper is an important step in a researcher’s academic career. Having a research paper published in accredited journal online has its benefits to both the researcher and the journal hosting the publication. Publication makes a researcher’s work accessible to many others in a particular field. It also allows for scientific researchers and practitioners with similar interests aware of new knowledge in their field ultimately making advances in existing knowledge.

Here, we provide you, a researcher, with a guide to take you through the typical steps for writing and publishing a research paper in a peer reviewed journal- discovering how to get your paper published from choosing the right journal and understanding the peer review process.

Peer review is the independent assessment of your research paper by independent experts in the field to judge the validity, significance and originality of your work. Peer review is a very useful source of feedback to help you, a researcher, improve your paper before publishing.  It also reflects the academic stature of the institution hosting the publication.

Publishing a research paper in a peer reviewed journal is a crucial aspect within the academic context, that is, it allows a researcher to network with likeminded scholars and get their work into circulation. It proves expertise in the field and the ability to conduct scientifically grounded research work.

In the accredited CARI Journals, every article is verified as scientifically reliable and valid through a peer review process. This peer review process serves as a quality control mechanism. This process looks at the relevance, quality and adherence to the publication standards of CARI Journals.

When writing a research paper, one should consider the following steps:

  • Check the readiness of the paper for publication.
  • Choose the scope and type of the article
  • Choose a journal. Once you have a well written scholarly article one that hold academic value, you can choose a journal for your paper to be published under
  • Decide on the order of the authors
  • Crosscheck the paper and make a submission.

Let us look at the consecutive steps once you have a ready paper for publication under CARI Journals:

  • Firstly, you make an online submission.
  • Your research paper will then be peer reviewed by experts in the field, who will keenly go through the research paper looking at the quality of the work as per the standards of the journal. The peer reviewer ensures your research paper follows an academic paper anatomy: have a relevant title, the abstract, relevant keywords, the introduction, literature review, methodology of the research, findings and discussion, conclusion and the research’s contribution to theory, practice and policy and finally the references. Grammar, spelling corrections, clarity and conciseness are other things peer reviewers look at.
  • After the peer review process, you are advised to revise your paper as per the reviewer’s recommendations and fully prepare your manuscript according to the journal. This will increase the chances for your paper to get published.
  • You then resubmit your paper once it is technically sound and meets all the guidelines as per the journal.
  • When the paper is accepted, the authors get an acceptance letter. The peer reviewer will then develop a cover page for your research paper, insert the ISSN and DOI numbers and publish your paper under CARI Journals USA LLC. Examples of already published research papers in the Journal of Business and Strategic Management can be accessed through: this link

In addition to that, the research paper can be found in Google Scholar after a period of three to four days.

  • The researcher then receives certifications and the complete publication.

Due to the fast publishing method, researchers receive peer review remarks for their scholarly research papers in the course of two weeks. Moreover, the affordability and low cost of publishing in this journal is an added advantage to the upcoming researchers and also useful in seasonal academic studies. CARI Journals aims to provide opportunities and a platform for researchers across the globe to make advancement in their careers through a straightforward publication process of high quality papers.

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