Analysis of Culture and Religious Studies


International Journal of Culture and Religious Studies Vol 2 No 2 (2021)

International Journal of Culture and Religious Studies is a peer reviewed journal published by CARI Journals. This journal is essential as it reveals the relationship amid scholars in the different fields such as colonial studies, anthropology studies, gender studies and the related theories. The international journal of culture and religious studies by CARI is also famous for quality papers that are well aligned with logical flow of ideas facts and information. The peer review of this journal is done by professional cultural and religious studies experts, thus is appropriate for all the culture and religious studies which can then be published both online and in printed versions.


  • The Doctrine of Purgatory and Its Relevance in Africa
  • Related Philosophical Concepts in the Philosophy of Utuism
  • Philosophy of Utuism and Its Positive Affirmation
  • Church Members Reflection on the Involvement of Lay or Ordained Leaders in Active Politics: A Study of MCK Kaaga Circuit
  • Theological Studies of Paul’s Teaching Based on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 for the Elderly Congregation in the Church
CategoryBook Chapters
Publisher:CARI journals and books publishers
Authors:Rev. Fr. Temba Leopold, CSC, Simon Njuguna Waitherero, Jeniffer Kinya Lairang’i, Franseda Sihite



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