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Journal of Education and Practice Vol 6 No 3 (2022)

Journal of Education and Practice is a high profile peer reviewed journal approved for its information on critical knowledge published by CARI Journals USA LLC. The journal is concerned with an individual’s psychological, economic, moral, emotional, physical, religious, personal, spiritual and professional development in education. The journal delights in its affordable and swift publication and it’s featured in the Google scholar, amidst other journal indices.


  • Effect of Google Classroom Application on Undergraduate Students’ Scores in Educational Technology in University of Calabar, Nigeria
  • The Strategies of Improving Effective Implementation of the Competence-Based Curriculum in Secondary Schools in Tanzania: The Case Study of Tabora Region
  • Factors That Hinder Community-Based Secondary Schools in Tanzania from Implementing the Curriculum Effectively: A Case Study of Tabora Region
  • Systematic Literature Review of Interventions Supported by Integration of ICT in Education to Improve Learners’ academic Performance in Stem Subjects in Kenya
  • Redefining Punishment as a Means of Discipline in Schools: An Example from Kopano Matlwa’s
    Spilt Milk
Category Book Chapters
Publisher: CARI journals and books publishers
ISBN: 978-9914-746-70-9
Authors: Ekpo-Eloma, Ekpo O., Ernest S. Assey, Prof. Jimmy. Macharia, PhD, Dare, S.O.
Pages: 110


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